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piace111111Since 2002, theInternational Day of Peace has been celebrated annuallyon September 21.The GeneralAssembly declaredthat the Day wouldbeobserved as a dayof global ceasefireand non-violence, an invitation to allnations and people tohonor a cessation ofhostilities duringthe day. The GeneralAssembly called uponall Member States, organizations of the UnitedNations system, regionaland non-governmentalorganizations and individuals tocelebrate the Day properly, also by means ofeducation and public awareness, and to cooperatewith the United Nationstopromote a ceasefirein the world.


Being a member of UNESCO Associated Schools Network Gymnasia №3 also celebrates the International Day of Peace. Students took part in the contest of posters and crafts “Give peace to the world”. The students of the 5-8 forms draw thematic posters and pictures to express their desire to live in peace. And the students of the 3-4 forms made paper pigeons – the symbol of peace in the world – and gave them to passersby with the words “We are for peaceful life”.

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